Staying Afloat

This week we have a special guest post by a dear friend and WAY regular, Hailey Treas. I have an incredible relationship to Navasana. I bet that you do, too. Some days my anger shows up something fierce in this pose. Some days I give up in this pose. We’ve all probably heard the adage “The mind gives up before the body”. I’ve used that as a tool to form the mantra “I am present and at peace with my body”. The most effective way that I’ve became friends with Navasana is to welcome the extreme energy that I can feel flowing in the pose. As if to say, here is your energy will you open the door to embrace it through your body or will you close it?

In 2020 I definitely dropped my practice. I struggle to do Ashtanga alone. Which is the exact reason why the practice is built to be a solitary practice. I am taking this as an invitation to investigate why I struggle so much with this as a solitary endeavor. That idea is linked to more than my mat at home. Many of us found ourselves afloat last year. Working from home, teaching from home, “visiting” friends virtually from home. I don’t think that I am alone in saying that this brought up discomfort for me. This is what has revealed a great awakening in my heart and body. AH! This is the energy that I am afraid of in Navasana. This is my energy.

I have long needed others energy to thrive and cultivate meaning. Even in the yoga studio. Part of why I love Ashtanga so much is the gorgeous lack of altered sound. The waves are purely our communal breath. I love being known by our teacher. I love practicing and celebrating by neighbors growth and evolution. BUT. Do I need that to celebrate myself? That is the true question. I hope, in this year, season, life, to begin every moment with the idea of celebration; because even in death we celebrate life. I want to celebrate the death of what has been a locked door to my energy and even give myself the key to my inner being. Where are you giving up in your mind? Where are you giving energy or taking energy that you could be cultivating in yourself? It is with infinite love that we are made and move. Give this to yourself in as many moments as you can. “Suffering begins to dissolve when we can question the belief or hope that there is anywhere to hide.”, Pema Chödrön.

Peace be with you.

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